mission statement

To reduce the amount of surgical waste and the risk of infection

during orthopedic surgery, all while improving surgical precision & outcomes.

Product comparison

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                               ANALOG                                                                  Digital

The surgical tool that is used today to measure length of bone screw holes intraoperatively is the depth gauge. This orthopedic device was patented in 1925 and has had little update or improvement since then. The product has several features which show its age when juxtaposed against today's technological advancements. For example, the device's reflective surface makes it difficult to read and take measurements under the bright lights of the OR. Today, easy to read digital displays can improve the doctor ability to take measurements quickly and accurately, thus reducing the probability of implant waste or surgical error. The current depth gauge is cannulated, which makes it one of the more difficult surgical tools to clean and reuse. Risk of surgical site infections are a growing concern in today's healthcare system, and cannulated reusable surgical tools are drawing scrutiny. The EDG was designed as a single use disposable device to mitigate the risk of infection not only at the surgical site, but also to prevent osteomyelitis and subcutaneous tissue infection. Additional improvements designed into The EDG include: a mathematically optimized hook to allow the surgeon to better find and latch onto the distal wall of the bone, a locking mechanism to lock measurement in place to reduce measurement errors, and an ergonomic handle to allow surgeons to hold the device with one hand instead of two, thus freeing the second hand for other uses during the procedure.

Comparison of Features

Benchtop test Results

precision of measured depth

average Time needed to measure 6 holes

measurement time.jpg

gauge block thickness measurement

gauge block measurements.jpg

overall Results

overal vs edg.jpg

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